These accessories are indispensable

The back cover designed by Amigo is inspired by cameras with lenses and the position of the buttons is the same as the front of the camera. The lens has simulated buttons that are designed with incredible proportions to make your iPhone transform into a unique camera. The Camera case case will both protect your phone from scratches, and give your phone a unique style. The panel is compatible with 6 plus / 6S Plus, with a rugged design with an eye-catching texture. Cladding is made from high-grade lumpy plastic, a metal cladding head can be removed to install the phone, so it is very modern and luxurious.

Behind the panel there is also a small leg, when you open it can keep your iPhone standing horizontally, very handy when you want to watch movies or play games without the phone on hand. Part of the circle around the center of the panel can be removed easily when you want him to have a 4 in 1 lens. 4 in 1 lens includes: 1 Fisheye lens (ankle), 1 Lens macro (close shot), 1 Wide Lens (wide angle), 1 lens CPL (polarizing filter)

This set of products is a perfect set for iPhone 6 plus / 6S Plus owners, you can protect the machine by the back cover, and have beautiful pictures with the 4-in-1 lens set. .

Waterproof iPhone 6 Plus waterproof bag for cartoon smartphones

The waterproof bag is made of PVC material, the sealed bag mouth has 2 sure pins, you should check the bag lock carefully before carrying the phone into the water. The front of the clear color bag, you can use the touch screen normally.

Fashion coordination for skinny women

How to make our skinny girls have really attractive outfits. Thin girls often have stout, lifeless physique, curves that are not seductive. In addition, the skinny girls often think that I simply dress very easily, wearing baggy clothes, easy to worry about the size, but like that we become ragged, without body softness. So what is the solution for the slender girls still have charming curves like full girls. Sometimes, we wear too much, we can not fit too much. Because of the wide wear, the body bag, the body is tight and exposed. But we should not rush to worry, please be confident because we have completely private secrets to overcome this drawback. Today, the article will introduce to you how to mix fashion clothes for skinny women to be glamorous! Why do we have to increase the size of the body 1 because the thin-faced girls are usually round, not full. Therefore, when wearing, we will create special highlights to create a point of attention for those who look at their first round. Let’s try the dress, the shirt with the boat neck, the wide neck to increase the display of my ring 1.

In addition, the thin girls try to play with the shoulder-length, loose-fitting shirts so we can have our own rounds. The neck of the shirt we should choose the shirt with neck attached with stones, attach the type of jewelry to create a ring point 1.

” When we wear costumes we can scratch our clothes so that we can create a perfect bulge for our 1st round. When we have such great accents, why don’t we make our first round perfect? “

Ms. Karen Morales – Fashion Designer

Another great way to increase the size of the 1st round is that we can choose the bra to lift the ring 1 up. The shirt has a rounded cushion to create accents for the body, in addition to choosing a suitable shirt, not too wide, not too tight to move, we are not being ruffled and not even be short when choosing a bra .

Simple Is The Ultimate Sophistication

Sports shoes are extremely popular items for our girls, the girls love it because of its versatility in its combination and youthful dynamism. Different from other shoes, sports shoes are extremely smooth, comfortable design, colors and materials are diverse. However, in order to have a real personality combination, we still have to have our own rules for combining.

It is because of its multiple motivations that these are always sought after by girls at any time. We can use sports shoes in 4 spring and autumn winter. Whether we have chosen it to have slyte personality this summer, have you tried it, let’s go with us to explore how to match the personality of the sport shoes with women.

In our girls’ wardrobe there is always at least one pair of short jeans, this is quite popular for this windy summer. This pants we can wear to go out, go to the beach, go to the street, or go on a date to be very young and dynamic. We can’t have any more comfortable and comfortable clothes than jean shorts with sports shoes. Please ensure your body before choosing shorts, shorts have many types, high waistband, low waistband, torn pants or not, attaching stones, spinning, so we choose it to fit our silhouette . Those fat girls should choose for themselves loose, tight-fitting jeans, and thin girls can wear bundles to increase the body’s third round, and if thin, the third round is not full. Please choose a nice shorts.

Our shorts have two extremely popular designs that are high-waist and low-cut, if the high waistband is suitable for those with the waist of the ant and this buttocks. In contrast, stout girls should not wear this shape, because the waistline will denounce us more. The low girls can also ignore me because they will make you become shorter when you cover your waist.

TOP 3 smart watches worth buying

Not only is the month of new products like SmartPhone, Camera, Laptop … and many other technology products. But the Smart Watch has always been a “bright spot” and has never been overshadowed at any time. Because it is also the reason that “people play” Smart Watch has never been obsolete by a new product at all. In response to the faith and the love that fans have for themselves, the smart watch market has been constantly growing, and the following is the TOP 8 most affordable smart watches in October that you can Reference to choose for yourself the most suitable one. Be more impressed with just a smart watch on your wrist! First will be “super product” just launched Samsung Galaxy Watch. We can say Samsung Galaxy Watch is a new “evolution” of design compared to Gear S3, an earlier version. There is no denying that this watch possesses both subtle and traditional details, so “she” will always bring a strange feeling when in hand. Next is Garmin Forerunner 645 Music. Not only did it impress at first sight, but Forerunner 645 Music also created a certain number of fans thanks to its great features. Also the smart watch series for sports lovers, this version has always created great miracles. What do you think about the Apple Watch Series 4 smart watch? Apple has almost begun to make new breakthroughs in its development process. A completely new, unique screen design that brings extremely interesting experiences to users. First, we have to mention that the screen border is designed much thinner and almost overflow compared to the previous generation, combined with rounded curved edges to create a certain seamlessness. Can not ignore the brother Fossil Gen 4 – Q Venture HR. There is no denying that Fossil Gen 4 – Q Venture HR is one of the most beautiful smart watches on the market today. Not limited or too bland by old designs, Q Venture HR has a beautiful exterior with classic stainless steel material in pink gold and with sparkling crystals.

How to coordinate women’s

If you are a person who travels a lot due to the nature of work or traveling, the sneaker shoes are indispensable in your shoe cabinet. With the characteristics of flat soles such as sports shoes, but the lightweight, simple and colorful structure makes Sneaker shoes satisfy the needs of many fashion followers. Especially when the weather became more and more cold and gradually shifted to winter, the sneakers became more and more useful with extremely good ability to keep warm. So many people, especially young people, love sneaker. In terms of clothes to match up with sneakers, there are many ways to help you look better without high heels. Currently, with the fashion style increasingly diversified, the way to mix with sneaker shoes is not only pants and clothes but also used with extremely dress. Here are some ways to mix with sports shoes both personality and quality that you need to refer. Bread-style sports shoes are paired with extremely youthful and crumpled pencil skirts and T-shirts with lovely small bags and stylish glasses. The sneaker shoe with patterned dress and lady’s “cake” dress makes you more attractive and youthful than ever.

The blue sports shoes are in line with the watch and emphasize that the flower dress is in the same tone as the outstanding and stylish blue hat.

This is also the same way of mixing between athletic shoes and jumsuit, making you more active in streetwear. Denim shirts and skirts are also very attentive to sneaker. It’s simpler than a white jeans shorts with sneaker. T-shirt shorts and sports shoes are already familiar to young people because of their youthfulness and dynamism.

Smart watches used to do

In recent years, when you go on the road, you always come across someone staring at your watch and stroking, listening to music, even talking into it, right. That is smartwatch smart watch. Basically, a smartwatch is a watch equipped with additional microprocessor software. They can listen to music, receive notifications from the phone, answer calls, track health, sleep monitoring, … In Vietnam market, there are 2 types of smart watches that you need to know, that are:

Smartwatch in the low-end segment: there are many features, advertised as being used as a miniature phone with dozens of “seemingly high-end” features. For example, playing games, terrible memory up to 16GB, taking pictures, recording videos, etc. But most of them are from China. High-end Smartwatch: features depend on each carrier. However, often they are able to monitor good health, track sports, can replace the watch face comfortably, the battery life is quite low, can support listening to direct calls, … So what does a smart watch do? What is it used to do? Typically, users will go to smartwatch when they have the following needs:

Smart features. You can set up to receive notifications from apps, messages, calls, even answer them directly on the watch. For some types of smartwatch like Huawei Watch 2 4G, you can even mount sim to use it as a standalone phone.

In addition, you can store music, listen to music online, offline; change hundreds of different watch faces; Check the weather; check calendar; set vibration alarm; use browser to find data; watch youtube; …

Perfect Design For Mobile Work

After a period of use, it will be time to see that your laptop slows down. And you’ve thought about upgrading your old laptop, or maybe even buying a new one. But your conditions are limited, you can only upgrade but not enough to buy a new device. So in this article, Phong Vu will give you more things to know about upgrading laptops. Changing over time is an inevitable trend of modern life today. And for laptops, too, when applications and software are being updated more and more modernly, it also requires the configuration of computers to ensure minimum requirements to be used. . Especially for those who need to use laptops for programming, graphic design, playing high-profile games, … upgrading your old laptop is essential (in case of potential financial power has not allowed you to replace a new laptop or PC completely). But upgrading the laptop must upgrade what parts and upgrade are the questions that you need to pay attention to avoid the potential risks in upgrading laptops.

As mentioned above, upgrading your laptop for work or entertainment is essential, because over time, the need to use more tasks on the computer is increasing. But drill !! Before you consider upgrading your laptop, the first thing you need to pay attention to and consider carefully, is that not everything in your laptop can be easily replaced or upgraded. There are many people who use devices that some parts die on to the motherboard, which means you can hardly upgrade components for your laptop.

The art of matching with fashionable

Currently on the market there are many types of women’s backpacks that are designed to be simple but still ensure beautiful criteria, tone and fashion. For girls who want to use fashionable backpacks in activities such as picnics, traveling, picnic, hanging out with friends, you can face the same set of clothes as T-shirts – shorts; short skirt legs – 2-wire shirt; set jumsuit; legging pants – T-shirts …

When mixing fashionable backpacks with short sets, it will help the girls to confidently show off their slender and soft and straight legs. You will become really dynamic and personality. When going to school, going to the lecture hall requires you to dress neatly, politely and discreetly. In this situation, girls can wear fashionable backpacks with clothing sets such as jeans – shirts; loose jeans – T-shirts; trousers shirt; or seamless dresses, dresses are also very suitable. With this mix, the schoolgirl will become very charming and rhythmic.

 Schoolgirls often have a youthful, youthful style and have a bit of innocence, you should choose fashionable backpacks with fresh colors, outstanding to match the appropriate suit. The colors are sad and dark and not really suitable for girls of this age. Office is a workplace. Depending on the culture of the company, there are different dress codes, some places are strictly regulated, while others are more “open” in this regard.

However, the general trend, if the place is a place of work, to mix suit with backpack pairs, depending on the style of backpack pair that women choose for themselves suit. Usually, with backpacks with leather material, the girls should combine with the leather suit or pit style will be very suitable, it makes you become much more personal.

The dress style is as cool

The fashion of the previous century has returned and made millions of gentlemen crazy. So, how to dress with personality, stand out and bring the classic vintage direction in the 1990s? Find out with! The dress style is as cool as the 90s style The 90s of the twentieth century marked the development of many fashion trends such as Hippie, Grunge … Although more or less, those years also left a lot of influence, many ways of coordinating influence to the day. now on. Fashion always has a cycle of repeating old trends, which is why fashion in the 90s has returned, changed and “benefited” more than before.

1 Torn jeans

Don’t choose too many torn jeans. The kind of tearing of pillows or having some light ragged lines with light green or black will make you look extremely personality but still polite.

2 Overalls

Do not be afraid that you become a country worker, extremely active and fashionable overalls. Please cleverly mix the map to look so youthful!

3 Denim jacket

The best item of the decade of the 90s – Just dusty, individual, both fascinating and strange

4 Leather jacket

Leather jackets will quickly turn you into a masculine and rebellious rocker. Combine with a couple of Chelsea boots for the proper costumes of the 90s.

5 Checkered shirt

Caro shirt can be worn all year round, giving you an attractive look and a little bit of need

6 High-heeled leather shoes

Genuine leather material with strong seams makes the high-heeled boots become an extremely favorite item of fashion followers 90s

7 Simple rules that arrange neat

Why arrange neat and scientific desks? Your work efficiency has a large part of the impact of the workspace. If you have a neat working space, you will feel more comfortable while working and of course, the higher your work results will be. Rules for arranging neat and scientific desks

1. On the left of the desk
Laptop or computer with liquid crystal display is the perfect choice if you want your desk to be neat and “save” area for other items.

2. Above the right corner
You should put a bottle of pen and a small lamp in this position. Pen containers should be placed near the computer for ease of use and it will be safe and not fall. Since the lamp is only used at night if needed and it also occupies a relatively large area, the right corner is the most reasonable.

3. Above left corner
This is the location closest to the computer and easy to see when working, you should put important documents. Installing a compartment case and marking each type will make it easier to find them when needed.

4. The bottom right corner
This is also a relatively easy location. A small notebook that notes things to do is perfectly appropriate, you will focus on the notebook and watch it any time.

5. The bottom left corner
This position is for urgent documents and documents. This is the position in your vision so you will never forget it. You will have peace of mind because you know that all the documents you need to do have been completed, not to search through the table to see if there is any remaining.

6. Drawers
Keep important items in small drawers such as USB, business cards, corporate invitations … But don’t leave them too many in number because it will be hard to get and they can be mixed together. If there is another larger drawer, you should leave the files that are rarely used but cannot leave.

7. The space under the table
This space should be used to decorate some unimportant but necessary items.